Sustainability Spotlight: Ken Keeler

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

Live Green UMich representative: What does your job on campus entail?

Ken: My main job is to develop and track environmental metrics for the university’s annual environmental report. I also coordinate updates for the UM Planet Blue website, identify and prioritize areas for further environmental effort, and educate the university community on the best practices for promoting environmental sustainability.

Live Green UMich representative: How did you end up with the job you currently have?

Ken: I went to school at UMich, where I studied atmospheric and oceanic sciences. Right out of college, I found a job as a chemist in an environmental testing lab. After that, I bounced around a little bit and spent some time living in Florida. One day, when I had just finished putting on my fishing gear, my wife gave me a call saying she had gotten me a job at the University of Michigan. So I moved back to Michigan to take the job in another environmental testing lab, this time at the U of M."

Live Green UMich representative: What motivates you to contribute to sustainability on campus?

Ken: I was in the research groups that devised the sustainability goals on campus, and seeing our work make real changes happen at the university is kind of surreal. Oh, and, of course, getting the opportunity to work with student groups and training young minds about the future of sustainability!

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