Hey, I’m Jenna! I am a junior from Michigan majoring in art and design and minoring in entrepreneurship. My main focus is in graphic design and visual branding, which helps with my role as creative lead here at Live Green UMich! Outside of class, I love playing soccer, going to concerts, and spending time with my dogs. I am motivated to contribute to sustainability at Michigan because, although I think that bringing this awareness is a global issue, the best place to start is locally.

Co-founder and Creative Lead



Hey! I'm a sophomore from Hong Kong studying business at the University of Michigan. At Live Green Umich, I'm responsible for business analytics and marketing. Outside of class, I teach piano at a volunteer music program in Detroit and play a lot of soccer. I'm motivated to contribute to sustainability at Michigan because I want to make a positive difference in my community.

Co-founder and Business Lead



Hi all! I’m a senior from Philadelphia, PA studying cell and molecular biology with a minor in writing at the University of Michigan. I'm the Structure Lead and Writing Lead here at Live Green UMich. Beyond academics, I enjoy practicing yoga, painting, drawing, and hammocking by the river. I'm motivated to contribute to sustainability on campus because there are so many initiatives and clubs that we are simply unaware of, and thus, unable to contribute to as students of the university. In other words, I’m hoping to help complete the local circuit!

Co-founder and Content Lead



Wassup! My name is Ian, and I’m a senior studying communications here at U of M. I’m a local guy–I've lived in Saline, MI for my entire life. Going along with my area of expertise, I'm the Communications Lead at Live Green Umich. In addition to living green during my free time, I'm usually living on the greens on the golf course. Golf has been a passion of mine for my entire life, so hopefully, one day, when I make it big on the tour, I'll have enough money to help further sustainability initiatives.

Co-founder and Communications Lead